My Top 10 Electric Smokers

food smokerAs you all might know, I recently bought a new smoker and it is an electric smoker. For me, parties are almost empty without a barbeque cook up and the best option would be an electric smoker, for a perfect barbeque party. What better way to have a blast in parties than to get to enjoy the traditional smoking food, and charcoal barbeque, with the best of electric smokers.

My personal list after research

Here is the list of top electric smokers that I have compiled while doing my research when shopping for my very own smoker. There are hundreds of electric smoker in the market and even more guides and review site in the internet. One could choose from some of the best barbeque website out there such as Barbecue Bible and Food Smok’r to get a reliable and trustworthy reviews of electric smoker. However, the best method is to visit a store physically and inspect the smoker yourself. Nothing beats surveying the smoker with your own hands and eyes. That is what I did and here are my results for the top 10 electric smokers!

Cookshack Amerique

This is a computerized, backyard smoker where you can load up the meat in the brisket, and set your desired temperature, and can be carefree. You don’t have to check it again and again, as it is automatic. You can even head off to work, after setting the barbeque smoker.

Bradley Smoker

This is a refrigerator styled smoker, and its quiet big in size. It is thermostatically controlled and produces both hot and cold smoke. The smoke that comes out is so controlled that you don’t have to keep on looking again and again.

Old Smokey Electric smoker

This is the most simple, and probably the best smoker, for a great barbeque cook up. You can load food, on the drip pans inside, and wood chips on the heated plate for smoke. The temperature can be manually optimized according to the need.

Big Chief Front load smoker

This is a great smoker for cooking large pieces of food and the best option to grill and add smoke to your food. It has a controlled temperature, and smoke production .You can smoke food traditionally here.

Smokin – It Model 2 Electric Smoker

This is a steel box smoker, made up of stainless steel. It is insulated with fibreglass inside, and it is a very efficient smoker, small in size, and the best for Household usage.

Char – Broil Electric Vertical Smoker

It is a simple and a classic modelled smoker, quiet inexpensive, and best for charcoal cook up. It produces an optimized smoke and temperature.

Master built 30 inch Electric Smoke House smoker

It is a huge, and inexpensive electric smoker, the perfect one for smoke large pieces of food, at a time. It is the best option to prepare awesome barbeque briskets, and smoke any of your favourite food.

Smokin Tex 1400 Electric smoker

It is an easy to use machine, and produces very good, smoky food. You have to put in the woods and, arrange food inside the racks, before you shut its door. Set your desired temperature and the food is ready to serve in a short while. You can enjoy the natural wood smoked food, by using this electric charcoal.

Meco 5030 Electric smoker

It is for household cooking usage, and is a simple and a easy to use device. One can arrange food, and check for the water level before shutting the door. The natural flavour old wood smoke is the best thing you would enjoy in your food, while cooking in Meco.

Cookshack Elite Electric smoker

This is one of the best electric smokers, for an old fashioned barbeque. It is professionally styled, and gives best results. This is highly recommended for best results.

researchDo your own research

Like I have mentioned earlier, this list are just my personal experience and after doing research on my own. I tried to provide as much information and accuracy as possible but my opinion might not be of the same as you. Even established sites like Food Smok’r have their own list of Top 10 Electric Smoker and it is different from mine.

So all that I can say is for you to spend some time researching and finding out on your own which smoker fits your lifestyle and budget. To get you started, maybe you can visit this site:

Have fun and happy barbecueing!!

How to smoke meat the right way?

smoke meatSmoking is the process of slow cooking, where the meat tenderizes, in the setup, and gives a fine Smokey flavour to the food. It is a very good method of cooking. The flavours are strong and most preferred by people today.

How to smoke meat in a charcoal smoker


To need to arrange a good amount of fuel, if case you need much during the preparation. You just can’t stop the smoking method because there is not enough charcoal. Some smokers require woods as well, and you have to keep an up to the mark arrangement. You need to arrange pans that you require, along with other groceries as well. You should have a lot of time to cook your food, and serve it calmly.

Building the fire

the next step would be setting up the fire. The airflow has to be kept in mind, while setting up fire. It is important that the fire should be in the windward side, for the grill fire to keep burning for long. If not the barbeque will take longer, and the grill will not heat up according tr the requirement.

Assembling the smoker

If the smoker is water based, you need to fill the water pan and put keep it directly on the charcoal, for the moisture built up. Then you need to set the required temperature and arrange your food on the grill plates. Then as the setup is ready, close the lid of the grill, and get it for preparation. Keep a track of the time. The best is of course using electric smoker.


This is very importantly considered during the process of grilling. You need to set the vents of the smoker, accordingly so that the air passes the charcoal, and come out of the top plates of the smoker. You need to draw the air through the fire so that the fire keeps on burning with intensity. Through this an ideal smoking temperature is maintained, and become bit easy to maintain the same temperature throughout the grilling process. Too much difference in the temperature, while cooking on the smoker, will probably take off all the required taste, due to low smoke built-up.

smoking meatRunning the smoker

While the process of cooking is going on, you need to keep an eye on the fire and temperature. You should keep in mind, which the lid should be kept shut; most of the time, for a good smoke builds up inside the griller. Keep adding coal to the smoker, at regular intervals, so that the fire keeps burning with the same intensity. The temperature should not vary largely, as this may spoil the taste of your food. An ideal smoking temperature has to be maintained .You should also keep an eye on the food. You have to keep changing the sides of the meat, for proper grilling, and authentic taste. The needed spices, like pepper, salt etc has to be sprinkled on the food, and then the lid has to be kept closed for enhanced flavours of the herbs and smoke.